Afilma has been an ENG service provider specialized in correspondents both in Spain and abroad for more than 20 years. Afilma works with the latest generation of audiovisual equipment on the market. Our crew belong to the international press agencies and associations that guarantee the demands of the client, such as The International Press Federation, The Journalists Union of Madrid and The Guild of Television Cameramen.

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Myriam Zambrana
Administration and accounting
The viability of a project has several ways, in Afilma we make sure we choose the best.
Jose Jurado
TV director / Dop
I feel motivated to belong to Afilma, a company that adds knowledge and skills and multiplies them by an unbeatable attitude.
Alba Marquino
Camera and sound operator
Imagination allows us to empathize with the experiences we have never experienced. Films are imagination.
Alejandro Clotet
Production and post production
I am one of those who prefer to daydream rather than sleep. So when I have a good idea, I’m willing to have a notebook at hand and take a nice cup of coffee.
Pablo Toledano
Musical production
Music is the art of combining sounds in time.