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We provide service composed ENG cameraman, camera 4k and hd, wireless microphones, lighting kit, camera assistant, sound technician, to news and reports, as well as editing for shipment via FTP or mobile unit.


We have rooms and post-production editing to edit any television production


For most demanding productions, we as Steadicam camera mounts, crane and dolly as well as monitor hd and equipment necessary

Correspondent office

Annual exclusive service

Afilma has the experience and solvency to develop ambitious projects offering customers the ability to create the structure which can be achieved with a television correspondent, adapting to the needs required by the television network and using mechanisms for understanding. For these projects we offer:

  • Cameraman
  • Production service
  • ENG Equipment
  • Lighting kit
  • Editing room
  • Office in Madrid
  • internet conexion
  • Car crew

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Afilma services
More than 14 years' experience working for various offices and bureaus allow us to meet the needs required information sector. We stand for quality, service and good time management.
The making of a documentary or report requires the necessary attention that determines the success. We take care of customer details and bring solutions to the smooth development of the project. We use the latest equipment HD NTSC and PAL systems, wireless microphone, lighting kit, matte box, monitor, and production material required.
We work for various media and advertising agencies to meet the quality standards that each project needs.
Develop audiovisual production needs of musical, theatrical for distribution in the market and mediatic communication.
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